New site

July 2, 2007

This site isnt that good so I made a new site

Waddle please

Kmamrosh aka Feblos


How to throw snow balls fast

March 23, 2007

To throw snowballs really fast you have to press the T botton on your keybord and when the target pops up click and kepp pressing t and clicking and you will trow like 25 snowballs in 1 second!!!!

                                   Ps: it might move your penguin wereb your pointing:(

Yellow puffles

March 22, 2007

 You can get a yellow puffle but its a hack I wont show you how because you will get bannned and hacking is bad!

Sorry yellow puffles are not out yet:(  Hold your horses and wait



Walk on water at the dock

March 22, 2007

Go to the dock go on the dock next to the tubes and then walk to the little space by the baot there water on the space so you will walk there sit you could see some of the water now you are sitting in the water you can do that with other tiny cracks by the dock!

How to walk on the path to the icerink

March 22, 2007

   Ok To walk on the path to the icerink

1.Go to the skihill open your map when your walking to the bunnyhill wait 5 seconds in the game then click icerink when you get to the icerink hold tab and walk to the path then you saty there and you can dance sit and wave and talk! You could try this on other paths too!

Ice berg mythbusters

March 22, 2007

I looked at a Utube video of mythbuster ON CLUBPENGUIN they were talking about the icberg. Sooooo I made a myth buster at my igloo.

😦 No one came boohooo      Well if you have any ways to tip it plaese show me!

Tour guide cheat

March 22, 2007

To give a tour with out the tour guide hat you have to put on any cothes dont put on the tour guide hat yet. a keep you player card up still then take a evry thing of and put on your tour guid hat REMEMBER EVRY THING OFF EXSEPED put the tour guid hat on and when your player card is still up click on a penguin then click out of the penguin go to the icon with the speach bubble and go to activaties and click give a tour and you will not have the tour guid hat on and you would begiving a tour!

Tipping the iceberg

March 22, 2007



March 17, 2007

jpeng3.JPGThere might be a return of 1fiddy!!!!!Ahhhhh!!!Somone angel06 i think that her name anywase I coyped of her web of a pic of 1fiddy I had to 1fiddy banned and I wanted somthing for My web so I coped it and Im really sorry I wont copy from angel ever I just am finding out how to  put pictures so I need help! Umm… Sorry i got too far and I made the yellowpuff Just to see what a yellow puffle looked like…I edited too much so I am really sorry for making to muh pictures on it!


March 13, 2007

Rock hopper sails in his ship called the migorater If you see him he gives you an eyepach!I saw him you can not be his buddy inless there a fake RockHopper there is go to cp and write RockHopper for username and type anything you want for the password!THIS IS THE WIERD PART IT SAYS HES BANNED FOREVER IT WORKED ON MY COMPUTER IT SHOCKED ME I WASS SOOOOOOSOOOSOO SUPRIZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think a person copeyed his name somehow and there a good Rockhopper and a evil twin Rockhopper the one that sails is nice he give gifts!!!